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5 Tools for game development

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Within the development of apps there are several types of mobile applications. One of the most powerful and expensive variants is the development of games. The quality of your game will depend on the budget and time you want to invest. One of the options is to resort to tools to develop games without the need to program a single line of code.

If you opt for a higher quality result you will have to have a freelance developer or development team to carry out a native game. Below we show you the most used tools in the process of creating mobile games

Develop games without knowing how to program?

Yes it is possible to develop mobile games without knowing anything about programming apps, but for a good result it is necessary to know the options we have. We present you, which in our opinion, are the 5 best tools:

  1. GameSalad

This tool is exclusive for Mac OS and as a consequence is focused on the creation of iOS and desktop games. It uses a simple system of “drag and drop” – drag and drop, in Spanish. It has a structure base with simple logical statements. It has a fully functional free version. But the payment will allow us to monetize the game as we want, in addition to exporting the game on Android and Windows 8.

  1. GameMaker

It is undoubtedly one of the best known and used tools in game development for many platforms. The best thing is that it has a very broad user community, so we will always find documentation and help in the process of game app development. It works with a system based on events and logical triggers, with humanized language. To be able to export the game for mobile devices we will have to pay for the Premium version.

  1. Stencyl

Stencyl developed Android and iOS gamesOnce again we came across a videogame development environment. It is an environment based on creating games in Flash and is much more visual than GameMaker, which makes it even simpler for newcomers. The drawback is that the licenses to export the game on Android and iOS are sold separately, despite being an initially free tool.

Professional game development tools

If you want a result of higher quality and a more professional finish, you will have to resort to more knowledgeable programmers (there are many are freelancers). The 2 most used tools by professional programmers are these:

  1. Unity 3D

It is a professional tool for the development of games on any platform, especially in 3D, a quality that not all tools have. Although it also allows the creation of 2D games. As a disadvantage we can say that it does not support templates, but that you have to start developing from scratch. In addition, licenses are usually more expensive than the average.

  1. 2D Cocos

The direct rival of Unity is Cocos 2D. In this case we find a multiplatform framework, which allows programming in different languages. The most striking thing is that in this way it can be programmed for practically any system. From Windows, Linux or Mac to iOS, Android or Windows Phone. In addition, it is free software.

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