Doc Rivers Discusses Danuel House Jr.’s Return In A Sixers Home Win

The Philadelphia Sixers have been plagued by a number of injuries, which has resulted in a number of its players rotating in and out of the starting lineup.

This is one of the factors that has contributed to the team’s overall performance being a little below par. In spite of their victory over the Golden State Warriors on Friday, the 76ers are still dealing with a number of injury-related difficulties.

The Sixers were already playing without Tyrese Maxey when they lost Furkan Korkmaz to an ailment that was not caused by the COVID and then Tobias Harris to back problems before the game even started. In order to defeat the Warriors, who were also battling with their own injury concerns, Philadelphia needed to go beyond these challenges in order to win.

The Sixers are pleased to have Danuel House Jr. back in the lineup after he missed three games with a laceration to his left foot. This is a positive development regarding the Sixers’ injury situation. In just 15 minutes of action, he scored six points and made a three-point shot. He also had a block.

The head coach, Doc Rivers, acknowledged that it must be challenging for his player. “I believed that he improved throughout the course of the second half. I had a strong desire to put him in the starting lineup today (Friday), just so that we could have more shooters on the court, but he literally hadn’t played yet. We did not use him in the first period; more specifically, I did not use him because I kept him on the floor for a straight stretch in order to improve his conditioning; nonetheless, he was aware of what I was doing, and as a result, everything turned out fine.

The Sixers will now look to continue to improve their club, and in order for House Jr. to remain healthy and a part of the rotation, they will need to continue to make roster moves. As Rivers continues to work toward their goal of winning the championship, they will need to devise a consistent rotation for their players.

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