NBA Fined Mike Brown For His Behavior During Kings Win Over Raptors

Joe Dumars, Executive Vice President of the NBA and Head of Basketball Operations, made the announcement today that Sacramento Kings head coach Mike Brown has been fined $25,000 by the league for an incident that took place on December 14 during a game between the Kings and the Toronto Raptors. The incident took place during the matchup between the Kings and the Toronto Raptors.

Brown walked out onto the court just before the start of the third quarter and challenged the referees and officials following a string of poor calls that went against Sacramento’s interests. After that, he was assessed two technical fouls and therefore kicked out of the game. His first ejection since taking over as head coach of Sacramento.

In spite of the fact that his method of addressing the officials might have been in violation of the guidelines established by the league, he did what needed to be done in order to support his team’s players. Throughout the entirety of the game, numerous flagrant fouls were committed against the Kings, yet the officials appeared to do little to stop it. Brown, the kind of coach who thinks of his players as members of his own family, had every reason to feel upset, and he did.

It is also because of the family mentality that the Kings have that they were able to rally around Brown’s dismissal and comeback to win the game. In other words, the family mentality helped the Kings win. Even if the NBA might not approve of what Brown did, I do. And so do the rest of the supporters and the players in the game. You owe it to your coach to fight for them just as hard in return if they are willing to fight for you. The chemistry of the squad will improve going forward as a direct result of this episode.

Remember to tune in today at 4:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time for the Sacramento Kings’ sixth and final game of this road trip, which will be played against the Detroit Pistons.

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