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A Look At The Best Ways To Stay Entertained Online

With access to some of the most amazing resources, you’ll find something for the whole family that will provide you with endless hours of entertainment, and you might even learn something interesting along the way. Here are a few things we found on the web that might discover a new hidden talent, hobby, or skill for when we finally return to normal.


Are you tired of the clutter around the house? Go Marie Kondo style and do some tidying up. Download her book or watch one of her series on Netflix for tips and tricks to clearing up a messy house. 

Create a donation pile for every room and make an effort to get it to those most affected by the pandemic. You will get that daily form of exercise in and that’s guaranteed, you’ll feel re-energized and renewed. An excellent task to set yourself instead of sitting around, adding to the pile, and feeling Zen.

Take up Reading

If you’re looking for some down-time, why not get back into reading. There are so many options out there for finding some good reading material. From audiobooks to ebooks, you have so many virtual libraries at your fingertips just waiting to be explored. You could even form a fun virtual book club that has weekly meetings to discuss various books – an excellent way to stay connected all from the comfort of your own home. Read samples and download free books to keep economical and ensure you are making the right purchase.

Check out some Tutorials

Check out YouTube for some fun tutorials that might spark up some interest in the family. Get crafty and follow a fun DIY home decor video or check out one of the thousands of free online courses available and gain a new skill or some new knowledge. 

Follow Gordon Ramsay or Jamie Oliver as they create one of their tasty dishes or check out one of Zoella’s famous hair tutorials for a fun new braided look. At the same time, you at it, there are some spectacular makeup tutorials for every budding makeup artist.

Play Games 

Keep your brain active with some crosswords or an online game of scrabble. Play against people from across the world and challenge them and yourself whilst learning some strange words from the English language along the way. 

Check out some free brain teaser apps or research some fun online chess tournaments waiting for you to take part. You can stay anonymous so no matter how bad you are, no one will ever know it’s you. Playing games is a great way to keep the brain stimulated and you might even make some friends along the way. 

Come Dine with Me

Watch channel 4’s Come Dine With Me and create the family version. Look up recipes online and make your very own 3-course meal that will challenge the other family members. With so many recipe books online you can download as many meal plans and ideas as you like and cook with gusto.

Learn a Language 

Why not learn a new language? Download the Duolingo app and take up lessons in Spanish, French or any language of your choosing. Challenge yourself to be fluent by the end of lockdown and get the family to join in so that you can have conversations in another language at the dinner table. 

Learning a language can be both entertaining and educating. Another great one for the family and one that will get the oxygen flowing in the brain. 

So with the World Wide Web being as impressive as it is, you have no excuse to be bored. With something for everyone, it is one of the best tools of our time and why not learn to use it during the lockdown and report back via your very own podcast.

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