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Chrono Trigger Looks More Like The Original In New Steam Update

Chrono Trigger for Steam has released its first patch meant to address feedback from fans, and it covers a lot of the most noticeable issues. The patch adds an “Original” graphics setting to set the visuals to look more similar to the classic sprites, and updated font and dialogue boxes have been given a classic look as well. It also reorders the animated sequences when starting a new game.

The classic RPG surprise-launched on Steam in February, but fans quickly noticed something amiss. It became apparent that this version was based on the mobile port, which meant visual smoothing that didn’t match up to the original and different font and dialogue boxes, along with a phone-based user interface. Square Enix promised a series of patches to address the feedback, and this is the first volley.

Future updates will make UI adjustments for players using a gamepad or keyboard-and-mouse combo, improve animated cut-scene resolution, and implement other unspecified changes. In addition Square Enix has extended the window for buying the limited edition until April 30, 2018, presumably in case the negativity surrounding its initial release put off some buyers. That version includes PC wallpapers, a medley of game music, and digital liner notes from composer Yasunori Mitsuda.

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