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Does Video Games Are Really Safe To Play?

Video Games – is an electronic game that involves people’s interaction with user interface to generate a visual feedback on a video device according to Wikepedia.com. To simply put it, video games are something we can play on whenever we have free time or we want to have fun around. There are a lot of games that has been produced due to popularity cause. It is so unlike before that the games that we will play unto were just like black and white series (not on 2D or 3D but something connected with dots games). Anyways, we can go down in order to trace where is the root of all the games.

History Record:

The earlier games are like physical activities that can make our body moves and whip. For me, that time is the uncomparable life that happen to me during my childhood days. You wouldn’t go obese with the games that were invented on that time because you will sweat a lot and could fasten your metabolism plus you interact with different children physically. The earlier video games set that was invented which titled Cathode ray tube amusement device.

This was developed during 1940’s, together with tic tack toe, tennis in two and etc. The evolution of 2D to 3D profile are becoming great. Everytime the people’s behind this kind of work will have updated such as 2D become 3D, makes gamers like me to become excited. It’s been on their document that the games should collaborate with electronics components much as PC in rule for it to run and hump fun with the graphics effects it brings.


Have you ever thought what kind of person are the one making the games? Are they professional? Did they go to school in order to nurture their talents? Or are they those people that are gifted to have this kindof ability? These kind of people are splendid to ever created a good charcter and places to simulate the story that doesn’t exist. Unfornately for me, I couldn’t make games but I had tried testing games. I guess, there should be a shool for a game tester – of course it is not easy to be one. To become a good game tester we should be a very keen observer. If you have this quality then you can become one but how I wish that there are some education to become a game tester

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