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Ed Sheeran May Appear In Slumdog Millionaire Director's New Movie

According to Deadline, super-popular singer Ed Sheeran is in discussions to have a role in a new music-focused comedy from Slumdog Millionaire director Danny Boyle. Sheeran already had cameos in The Bastard Executioner, Game of Thrones, and Bridget Jones’ Baby, so this would be a continuation of his push into film and TV.

There are no further details about Sheeran’s supposed involvement in the film, which doesn’t have a title yet. What we do know is that Lily James (Baby Driver) and Himesh Patel (Eastenders) will star in it, with SNL actress Kate McKinnon in discussions for it.

Love Actually writer Richard Curtis is writing Boyle’s new movie. According to The Daily Mail, the film is tentatively titled All You Need Is Love, and it will follow a man who wakes up to discover he’s the only one on Earth who remembers the songs of The Beatles. The report claims Sheeran will also write music for the film; classic Beatles songs are also expected to be featured, according to the report.

In addition to this new movie, Boyle is apparently working on the next Bond movie that will star Daniel Craig in the lead role for the last time. That film opens in November 2019. Boyle won an Oscar for Slumdog Millionaire; he also directed Trainspotting and 127 Hours.

Sheeran’s involvement in Game of Thrones last season was highly criticised, and the episode’s director spoke out to defend the singer’s role in the show.

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