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Fortnite Challenge Guide: Find Rift Portal Locations (Season 5, Week 5)

With the start of Fortnite Season 5, Week 5 comes a few new challenges to do. One of those will require you to run around the game world in search of Rift Portals to use, which is much easier said than done. Rifts were key to the start of Season 5, as they transformed areas of the map. Interacting with them teleports you high into the air above the island, allowing you to plummet down to the ground or use the elevation to glide around.

The difficult part of this challenge is actually finding these portals, as they appear randomly. Generally, you’ll have to run around and just keep your eyes open, so we recommend just getting on with the other challenges and staying alert. However, there is one extra tell to look out for: when a rift opens, there is a booming sound that serves as an audio cue to alert players nearby that one has opened–so keep your headphones on and turned up.

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If you’ve never seen one before, they look like blue tears in the fabric of reality. They’re tricky to see during the daytime, since they can blend into the brilliant blue sky, so it’s worth constantly scanning the sky above you.

Although there’s no specific location to find the rifts, anecdotally, we’ve found we run into them most in the new areas that were added to the game at the start of Season 5. As a result, we recommend taking regular trips to the desert biome at the bottom of the map and hanging around Snobby Shores too. We’ve also had some luck finding them in the vicinity of Tomato Town and Risky Reels, so give those a shot if you’re struggling.

If you’re still trying to do the other challenges for Fortnite Season 5, Week 5, we’ve put together a guide on how to follow the Snobby Shores Treasure Map, which is the other more time-consuming quest. Those still catching up on previous weeks’ challenges can also take a look below, where you’ll find a guide for the entire season thus far, along with some recent news surrounding Fortnite. Alternatively, you can head over to our dedicated Fortnite Season 5 challenge guide.

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