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How to Help Increase Your Readership Overnight

Why not share your articles with video game enthusiasts worldwide?

Enhance your career

Are you involved in video game journalism? Do you make a living from writing, reporting or talking about video games and related matters either in print-based format or in online publications? Or perhaps you would like to make a career out of previewing and reviewing video games? It would be great to earn money writing about something that is your passion or hobby. Whether you write your own personal blog about video games or whether you get paid by a company to write articles, increasing your readership can be a huge advantage financially in terms of sponsorship, advertisements and sales. Read on for a suggestion about how to expand your readership quickly, easily and in an affordable way. 

Translate your reviews of video games and accessories

You could easily extend your audience by getting your online articles translated into other languages. Video games are popular in most countries across the world, played on home consoles, handheld consoles and PCs. Generally, whatever the language or culture, readers are looking for similar things from video game software reviews. Readers usually want to know about the story line, a bit about the main protagonists, about the graphics, difficulty or ease to progress between levels, what you liked/didn’t like, replay value and how the game compares to similar games on the market. Moreover, with reviews of video game accessories or hardware, such as controllers, light guns and dance mats, readers want to know similar things regardless of their language. Readers generally want to know about ergonomic features, ease of use, value for money etc. 

Ensure a professional translation of your article

Any professional article needs to be correct in terms of grammar, spelling and punctuation. This of course applies also to any article translated for an overseas audience. Therefore, translation of your article should be entrusted to a professional translation agency. Linguation.com is an online agency offering quality translation from English into a variety of different languages at affordable prices. Whatever the length of your blog or online article, you can upload your document for an immediate quote. Linguation.com has a team of translators worldwide and will assign a translator with current knowledge of the video games industry to ensure your translated document uses the correct terminology. Linguation.com will also ensure a professional with knowledge of search engine optimization for the relevant target language and popular search engines to increase the visibility of your webpage. More information about website translation may be found at: https://www.linguation.com/en/website-translation

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