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Ion Maiden is coming out on floppy disk… sort of

One of the neat side effects of the recent throwback shooter trend is that it’s sparked off an arms race in old school marketing. I’ve still got a pair of chintzy neon ‘90s sunglasses kicking around from the Strafe booth at PAX a couple years ago, and now 3D Realms has announced their retro FPS Ion Maiden is coming to floppy disk. Well, sort of.

There are some classics that originally came out of floppy disk that are still well worth your time. Here’s our list of great old PC games you can still play today.

A Friday tweet from 3D Realms included a short video of the Ion Storm diskette, and it certainly looks like the real deal. But if you look closely at the label, you can read “Disk 1/1,” and it would be impossible to store a whole FPS on a 1.44 megabyte disk nowadays – even a game made entirely in the Build Engine, which Ion Maiden is.

We’re releasing Ion Maiden on floppies with a twist! 🙂 pic.twitter.com/CxRpNYzDLB

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