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News: PUBG just made dying a bit more enjoyable

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The developer behind PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has confirmed that a new update for the battle royale title will allow you to spectate your killer.

It’s dead (no pun intended) easy to use: Simply hit the ‘watch’ button on the results screen to have a butcher’s at who snuffed out your life, allowing you to then enter spectator mode. What’s more, if your killer is then taken out by another player, you can jump to spectate that character instead. 

However, if you are playing as part of a duo or squad, you won’t be able to initiate spectator mode until all your mates have kicked the bucket. This is to avoid any people from spilling information over voice chat. The advantage of spectating is that 1) it makes dying a bit more entertaining and 2) you can report any would-be cheaters. 

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