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Popular Nineties Games People Forgot About But Should Remember

As time passes there are numerous new games that appear and that capture our attention. However, from time to time we might want to play an older game. When looking at the nineties, there are surely many that can be considered. Below you can find some of the best from the period, games that are still discussed on the RAWG website and that enjoy a good fanbase.

Knockout Kings

Released in 1998 for PlayStation, Knockout Kings was the main boxing game around. While now we mainly talk about Fight Night, this game did make the first step in popularizing boxing franchises for console gamers. Real boxers were included like Sugar Ray Leonard and Muhammad Ali. Knockout Kings was so successful that it led to several yearly releases, until Fight Night appeared.

Beetle Adventure Racing

Beetle Adventure Racing was launched in 1999 on the Nintendo 64 in order to capitalize on the popularity of the Volkswagen Beetle. EA was then producing Need For Speed but this was a game that was really similar to that but had just Beetles. Although the concept was risky and the idea was lighthearted, the game was serious.

Iggy’s Reckin’ Balls

This was such a weird game that mixed racing and platforming with strange characters. It instantly became popular on Nintendo 64 and showed racers that used hook arms in order to climb from one level to the next. When you get to the top, you end up back at the bottom to start a brand new lap.


Aladdin was not a game for children. Released for SNES and Sega Genesis in 1994, the game is still played now, although there were huge differences between the game version for the different platform, all due to licensing problems. Levels were difficult and there are still so many fans these days that fight about what version is the best. If you ever thought Aladdin was for children, you never really played it and did not get challenged.


Right after the launch, ActRaiser became popular but quickly fell off so nobody can blame you if you do not remember it. The game mixed Ghosts n’ Goblins’ platforming with Sim City. You played as the Master and utilized an angel in order to actively interact with people.

Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine

This game was released for Game Gear and Sega Genesis in 1993. It can be described as being Puyo Puyo but with a clear Sonic theme. Robotnik is using beans in order to transform them into robots. You want to stop them. Beans are dropped and then arranged so that they disappear. At later levels the game quickly becomes difficult. A game that was challenging and fun at the same time was not common so it was bound to be really popular.

Vectorman Run-and-gun shooter games were changed by Vectorman, an “orbot” with the task of making things right on Earth since humans had to move somewhere else. An orbot becomes a dictator and Vectorman fights to achieve peace on earth. What was interesting with the game was that Vectorman was going through different transformations in order to reach specific game po

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