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Review: Flashback (Switch)

Conrad returns.

It could happen to anyone. One day you’re having a lovely morning enjoying the mundane lifestyle of 2142, the next you discover an alien race has infiltrated human race and you’re downloading your own mind to a holocube before being captured and memory wiped by the very same species you were about to expose. Conrad B. Hart’s incredible journey first began development for the Mega Drive, but ended up debuting on the Commodore Amiga instead. A good 25 years later, Paul Cuisset’s 16-bit masterpiece is getting a new run on the Switch. Is it worth saving mankind again or should it all just remain a Flashback?

The game opens up with Conrad escaping captivity, and following a daring pursuit, the aliens shoot down Conrad’s hoverbike over the artificial jungles of Titan and presume him dead. A confused and amnesic Conrad stands up after the crash and this is where your epic science fiction journey begins. Your very first decision, however, is how you want to play. The original 1993 experience or the quality-of-life upgraded 2018 deluxe upgrade.

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