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Review: Sengoku 3 (Switch eShop / Neo Geo)

Third time’s a charm.

SNK’s first two Sengoku games put players in control of a sword-swinging hero, with the neat ability to switch to a different character during play should they wish. Coupled with a variety of enemies to bash they were not essential titles, but could still provide some decent fighting fun. The second game built on the first, but the third goes in a different direction. Arriving eight years after the second instalment and handed over to a different developer (Noise Factory), Sengoku 3 is not simply what came before with some additions. In fact, aside from the similar aesthetic that puts the ancient together with the relatively modern it seems like it’s from a different series.

At the start, you pick from one of four (new) characters to battle through six stages of enemy forces, with a second player able to buy into the game at any time to help you on your adventure. Your character options vary in their agility and power ranging from the speedy, but light striking ability of Kurenai to the slow but powerful attacks from the lumbering Kongoh. There’s no character-switching ability this time around, although should you continue upon losing all your lives you can go for someone else as is common to the genre. The only other time you can select a different fighter is after the third stage when two others (actually two of the bosses you have defeated by this point) join your party.

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