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Review: Sky Rogue (Switch eShop)

“You don’t own that plane! The taxpayers do!”.

There once was a time when the 3D combat flight simulator was the genre of choice for seasoned players; during the 16-bit revolution, home computers like the Amiga and Atari ST played host to the likes of Falcon 3.0, F-15 Strike Eagle and Starglider, all of which used very basic filled polygon visuals to create the sensation of flight. Later, titles like X-Wing, Wing War, Ace (or Air, depending on where in the world you are) Combat, TFX and Strike Commander took the genre to new visual heights, but it’s impossible to deny that the basic graphics of the ’80s still hold an undeniable charm, even today. It’s that nostalgic feeling that Sky Rogue feeds on, but thankfully there’s enough gameplay to be found underneath the boxy aircraft to make it worth sticking with.

Sky Rogue hits all the right notes from a control perspective. The default system – “Arcade” – keeps things as basic as possible; pushing left or right on the analogue stick turns your craft without too much effort, making it easier for novices. However, turning this off offers a more authentic interface; pushing left or right now causes your plan to spin in that direction, and you need to combine this with up and down to perform banking turns – just like a real pilot. While the “Arcade” mode is easier to get to grips with, you’ll want the full-fat experience if you really want to master the game.

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