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Sony PlayStation 3 Have Become the King of Gaming Consoles

Sony’s PlayStation 3, which was introduced in 2006, was designed to do great things, and it has been successful to move beyond the expectations of both consumers and Sony itself. And, after six years, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCE) has recently announced the sales of PlayStation 3 has reached 70 million units sold across the world till 4th November. And, the PS3 platform is very much here to stay and grow as SCE has also announced the PlayStation Move motion controller sales exceeding 15 million units as of 11 November.

The PS3 has gone through three evolutions in duration of six years, to keep things updated and fresh for the game lovers. The latest one supports a larger Hard Disk capacity and new features with software updates packed in a more streamlined design. Recently in September 2012, SCE has launched the new PS3 system that has reduced the volume and weight by more than 50% in comparison to the original PS3 model. It is also 20% slimmer, and lighter as compared to the PS3 model launched in 2009.

During the same time as the PlayStation 3 was introduced (November 2006), SCE also launched PlayStation Network, which at present operates in 59 countries and regions across the globe. This service provides support for exclusive games from indie developers and major publishers, free community-centric online gameplay, and a broad range of entertainment applications including music, movies, and sports. 170,000 downloadable digital content including 57,000 game content is accessible to PS3 owners across worldwide via PlayStation Network. The PlayStation Store as redesigned for PS3, in October 2012, offering an enhanced and streamlined store experience. The new store is available in North America, Europe, Latin America, and more regions and countries to follow.

Amongst the major innovations in PlayStation 3 is how PlayStation Move motion controller has changed the way people play games. It has made the gaming experience more engaging and intuitive. There are endless gaming choices for players with more than 400 titles till November 2012. These titles includes Sorcery (Sony Computer Entertainment), Sports Champions, and Everybody’s Golf 5, to name a few.

And, adding to all the above evolutions is this month’s global launch of Wonderbook that is a new peripheral covering the next stage in storytelling. With the PlayStation Eye camera, the PS3 is capable of taking the augmented reality to a new level while taking gamers into new worlds and letting them interact with stories while they rotate or turn the pages.

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