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Square Enix Details Shadow Of The Tomb Raider's Special Editions, Season Pass

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is the third and final entry to Lara Croft's rebooted series. Following yesterday's big reveal, Square Enix has now unveiled details about what we can expect from the various special editions, the season pass, and pre-order bonuses.

Soon, you can pre-order either the standard, deluxe, croft, or ultimate edition of Shadow of the Tomb Raider. The standard edition offers the base game along with additional goodies. PlayStation 4 players receive a dynamic theme, PC players get a Steam wallpaper, and an Avatar outfit is offered on Xbox One.

The Deluxe Edition also includes all the same bonuses as the standard edition, along with the OST, an addition weapon and outfit, and early access to the game 48 hours before its official launch.

The Croft Edition has everything the Deluxe Edition offers, as well as more outfits, weapons, and the season pass. You can view the breakdown in the image below.

The season pass includes seven challenge tombs, seven weapons, seven outfits, and seven skills, as well as multiple narrative side missions.

Finally, the Ultimate Edition offers everything the Croft Edition does, but with a slew of other great additions. These include a Lara Croft statue, a climbing axe-styled bottle opener, and a flashlight. You can view a sneak peek of these items below.

No prices have been revealed just yet, though pre-orders are expected to go live soon. For more on Lara Croft's next adventure, read about the six things we learned after going hands-on and check out our concept art gallery.

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